Editorial for AVIATRIX

I personally love to take a glimpse behind the scenes of shoots, movie productions
and other creative happenings.
For that reason I'd like to share some behind-the-scenes of this fashion shoot with you.
Captured by Felix Rachor,
Couture by Aviatrix.

YAY! The outfits have arrived.
I just needed to take a picture of them right away.
They are just too pretty to be real!

After the make up was done, I realized that a very important
part is still missing. 
I collect insects for quite a while now and I always
wanted to use them for a shoot :)

I bought all the Malaysian Moths during my Canada tour last
year. Some of the other pretty butterflies 
were a birthday presentfrom my best friend. 

I just love how my friends support my inner weirdo ;)

The first set design that the photographer has built.

Second set :) 

My looks for the shoot.
It's been amazing to see how this make up changed my face.
I usually grin like a Cheshire cat all day long, therefore
it's been quite funny to see how my face changed with that
'sad clown' make up.

Just a selfie of my and my moths :)

Me while dancing through the entire studio.

Me, Felix & the Moths


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