Ophelia in Edinburgh

Hey guys,

some of you might have seen a few pictures on Instagram and Facebook, but I've got a few more that I wanna share with you :)

Quite many people kept on telling me that I NEED to visit Scotland.
For some reason I never did so and travelled to Los Angeles instead :p

Well, now I know... Scotland IS unbelievably amazing and I cannot wait to go there again.
Let the pictures speak for themselves.

The first day in Scotland. 
Whenever the sky looks like this, Germans will tell you 'It looks like angels are baking' hihi

On my first day I explored the city center of Edinburgh.
No matter in what direction you look... every building,
every corner is just insanely pretty, such as this building. 

Mr Wallace and me

My adorable hosts Juliette and Aaron own this cutie pie
named Wallace

He is so cute. I am dying!! ^.^

On set of my photo shoot with 
Fine Art Photographer Somnolent Images

What a beautiful location. 

I couldn't stop to explore every little corner.

...and action ;)

Amazing pictures as you can tell by my smile :)

Working as a model aka standing in the cold and trying to 
look super pretty ;)

...and another picture of this stunning abandoned mansion

... being pelted with flour ;)

This is how the location looked from the outside

... and this is how the location looked from the inside :D
Reminds me of Jumanji somehow.

Another shoot took me into the swamps of Edinburgh...
wearing my latest couture design

One of my favorite activities when traveling: Hiking :)

It's been so insanely windy up there that I fell over twice ^.^

This view!!!! 

Enjoying a cup of hot tea on top of the mountain.

Nature is prettier than anything else in the world.

Spending time in the nature is what gives me inner
strength and positivity like nothing else.

My friend Starkall told me that I need to visit
Stirling. So I did :)
It's so Tim Burton-ish 

Pretty restaurant in St. Andrews.

I wish this was my house :D 
This restaurant is called Forgans.

Up next: 
My shoot for Memento Mori in Edinburgh

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