Shooting tour in Austria

My shooting tour in Austria was a blast.
Seriously, I had SO much fun.

I usually start traveling when it gets warmer outside.
Well, Austria has been my second trip in 2015 and I totally have to say that traveling in the winter is at least as fun as traveling in the summer.

So many things happen right now. Shortly after this trip to Austria I headed to Vienna for a job and a meeting with Royal Black Couture.
Will show u some pictures of this trip in another blog post for sure.

Now, let me show you what happened in Tyrol :)


The photographer asked for a Snow Queen costume in order to photograph his vision down to the very last detail. As I work as a stylist and designer next to my modeling job, it's always fun to 
work on creative commissions :)

The crown for the Snow Queen costume

A matching corset.

The skirt that I've made was just too big to photograph it properly but you can see it 
on one of the behind-the-scenes.


Yay :)

This mirror was so big, it was begging for a selfie :p

First morning in Längenfeld.
A big cloudy but super pretty.
The clouds were so close, 
it felt like I could touch them if I wanted to


My SPLASH costume. Made it about 3 years ago :)

Woop Woop! 
Where has my skirt gone?! ;)

The Snow Queen

One of my latest designs.
A nude colored mesh body with stitched on lace.

Rot, Rot, Rot sind alle meine Kleider…
Rot, Rot, Rot ist alles was ich hab *sing*

Yeehaaa! More costumes.
They are all made by myself, except of the left one.
It's by Royal Black Couture.

The photographers private sauna has been
my changing room for three days.
*sigh* The room was filled with the most
amazing scent. One day I wanna own a place like this :)


I am so glad that I got to see some pretty nature.
These are the most beautiful shots.
Seriously, I always take hundreds and it makes so much fun
to finding the most perfect one :)


Right before I left for Innsbruck, I had to take a picture
of myself holding this gigantic piece of art 
(that showcases myself *lol)
Next to me the fantastic Anton Klocker, the artist :)

At the very end of my trip,
 I did another photo shoot in Innsbruck.
It totally sucks that I forgot to take selfies.
So happy that I got to spend some time with my 
dear friend Markus <3

*winke winke*

This is the most amazing out-of-plane 
picture I've EVER shot.

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