Miss Overdose for Hello Kitty: Part II

Please take a look here if you haven't read the first part yet ;)

You cannot imagine how much energy and time I've put in making these two outfits.
I am still recovering from working 18 hours every day for about a month,
a lack of sleep and food included.
Christmas cookies help a lot ;)

Whenever people ask me how long I've been working on the Hello Kitty couture,
I am gonna tell them:
All season of Breaking Bad
Season 1-5 of Dexter
… listening to all my Spotify playlists… again and AGAIN ;)

First, let me show u the 'Hello Kitty Queen' 
 in the making. Here we go.

Second, I'd like to show u the 'Hello Kitty King' 
outfit in the making.

Headpieces for both couture outfits.

The King's crown

The Queen's adornment

online soon:

Miss Overdose for Hello Kitty: THE SHOOT

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