Behind-the-scenes: Miss Overdose for Hello Kitty

About two month ago Hello Kitty finally published the press release that changed my life:

"Check out this super fantastical Hello Kitty fashion on display at Lovely Kitty Wonder: A Hello Kitty Fashion Installation curated by Stephiee Nguyen of JapanLA clothing.See one-of-a-kind creations by 13 designers from all over the globe including Ophelia Overdose, Abigail Greydanus, a-morir, Fiori Couture and dolleyes"

Is this even real?
Needless to say that what happened is kinda surreal. I still cannot believe that they chose me... ME?!
...but after reading the official press release I was left speechless again. 
Did they really mention me out of 13 international designers... Well, apparently yes!!! 

Okay, but everything else that has to do with this job is less glamorous, less fabulous and definitely 

Well, time runs so fast.
Three month back I started with the concept for 20 one-of-a-kind wigs to match each designers costume. The wigs had to match the concept, the whole mood,feel and look and most important the exact color - which is kinda difficult as synthetic hair comes in limited colors ^^

After working on all the wigs for about two month it was time to start with the costumes.
For the reason that my costumes always tend to be a lil over-the-top, I knew that running out of time would be my biggest problem.


Even the blurriest picture cannot hide how happy I am 
about all the new flowers that I've just bought. 
I guess my concept is pretty obvious already:
It's all about flowers :)


My workshop started to look like a mess only days
after the concept was done.
Every corner was stuffed with 
flowers, fabric, beads, pearls, trimming and so on.

Drinking and eating: Something I kinda forgot sometimes.

This is how I started:
Painting flowers all day long. 
By this time I already knew that these costumes 
are going to be the most time consuming and 
elaborate ones I've ever made.

Time to spray paint these beauties to finish 
the headpiece and other wearable art thingies 

Hello Kitty's everywhere in my workshop.
The countdown for the Hello Kitty exhibition 
has officially started.

The job for Hello Kitty is definitely the BEST 
in the entire world as they just said: 
Be creative as long as the costume has Hello Kitty's on it. 
 Here we go: Producing an army of bows :)

Finally some serious fashion design ;)
Pattern making and sewing

The color scheme seems to be very obvious:
It's all about lavender and light grey.
Also a very important part of the concept is 
the mixture of different materials like
using both solid and very light-weight almost
fairy like materials. 

Work in progress: The crown for the 'King' costume
the headpiece for the 'Queen' costume and a brooch

Still loads of work right here, but 
the headpiece starts to look somewhat nice FINALLY ;)

Trousers for the 'King' costume in the making :)

The base for the 'Hello Kitty Queen' top finally finished.

I bought some 'Jeffrey Cambell Damsel Claw'
to design some matching shoes for the 'King' costume.
So, this is how the shoes looked before the make over.

These are the shoes that I've designed to match one of the costumes.
I am INSANELY happy about how they turned out! 
I literally just started working without a concept in mind. 

I am going to publish another 'behind-the-scenes' blog post after the exhibition is over.
The fashion sketches, the whole costume and so much more has to kept under wraps by all involved. 
For that reason I am not allowed to share any more at the moment!

... to be continued!

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