2015 calendar - OUT NOW!

The 2015 calendar is only available as a limited edition of 100 pieces.

For all those who'd like to get a calendar for christmas I can highly recommend to buy it now before all copies are sold.


Every calendar comes with an autograph and a real lipstick kiss by urs truly :)

In case you've missed my 2013 and 2014 calendar, get the collectors edition :)

I’d highly appreciate if u support this calendar project.
Designing the calendar was a lot of work, not to mention all the time and money that has gone into preparing the projects and doing the actual shootings.

Thanks to the photographer and set designer Moritz Maibaum!!!
It would not have been possible without his imagination and hard work with devotion.

Thanks to all involved artists:
Westward BoundAmato Haute Couture, Posh Fairytale Design, Royal Black, Bubbles and Frown, Spaceship Lolita Fashion, For the Stars Fashion House and Kami Zero

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