Performing at Tattoo Con in Edmonton, Canada

Yaaaay! On stage again!!!

You'll find a video of my Millennium Robot performance at the very end of this blog post :)

Good morning Edmonton
On the day of the show I woke up to this beautiful view.
I was actually on the 13th floor of the hotel and I was very
surprised as most hotels skip the 13th floor ;)

My super awesome friends helped me to blow up 40 balloons
for my show :) 

More work.
Filling balloons with colorful feathers… by hand.
How fun… not ^^

I spy food! Super-duper hungry after rehearsing the whole
afternoon in my hotel room. Room service rocks, especially 
when your whole body is covered in feathers and sweat :)

Yaaaaay! I am the headliner of the event *proudme*

After a quick change I found myself covered in gold
creeping around with my wifey Visha Loo.

More fun things that we did after the show :)

Guess what I found at the Sullen booth?!
… and on top of that I've seen many people wearing this
shirt on that day ;)
I sell shirts, tank tops and dresses with this print in my
shop at www.miss-overdose-shop.com
Some sizes are already sold out *grabby hands*

Only minutes before I had to leave for Vancouver,
the adorable Carisa Hendrix made a lil ballon Ophelia for me :)

Balloon Ophelia died on the plane. With a big BOOM ;)

Bye Bye Edmonton!

… on my way to Vancouver :D


If you haven't seen my Millennium Robot performance yet.
Take a look at this video :D

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