Another fabulous trip to Los Angeles

I was insanely excited about this trip as Los Angeles has been become my home away from home.

The whole trip turned out to be even more amazing.
Shoots, public appearances, parties, friends and so on!

This blog post is only about the lifestyle part, which means
friends, shopping, sun & fun :)

It's basically for all those who want to get to know me better.

Best long-distance flight ever.
I had 3 seats in a row just for myself.
Pure jealousy in everybody else's eyes! Hihi ❤

My secret for a relaxing flight is choosing a fun movie
and some bubbly wine. Perfect preparation for a long nap.
Disney movies are my favorites :) This time: Tangled.

Doing my thing and looking way more alive than I 
actually am ;) Waiting for my connecting flight to Los Angeles

LA… my love… how have you been?

Life could be worse ☀ 
Waiting for my love to arrive at LAX while listening to 
the one and only International Classic Rock Orchestra

Insanely hot days ask for crop tops and daisy dukes.
My favorite outfit atm :)

Shopping with my besties at Santé Alley.
A friend of mine calls us the 'highlighters' :D

My super awesome home in LA.
Nick was so grateful to let me stay at his house in the 
Hollywood Hills. Thanks a million!

Relaxing at my friends house after some delicious BBQ
Still screaming hot! It's been 40°C / 104 F for about a week.

Enjoying my lunch at Café Gratitude.
Café Gratitude in LA was the very first raw-vegan restaurant 
I've ever tried! It actually convinced me to become vegan!!! 
It's grilled polenta with mushroom ragu, spinach, 
cashew ricotta cheese, brazil nut parmesan and basil. 

My friend Kelly invited me to join one of the make-up
classes that she teaches at Make Up For Ever headquarters
in Beverly Hills. It was about foundation, contouring, 
brows and so much more.

During the make-up workshop.
After I applied foundation. Brows and contouring next :)

Another favorite outfit of mine:
Burgundy leggings combined and a sheer blouse with a floral print.

Getting a pedicure from my cute friend Stephanie :D

Super awesome exhibition!!
Mark Ryden. I am a HUGE lover of your art.
His exhibition in Los Angeles blew my mind and I've got no words 
to describe how it felt to drift into his surreal world of childhood
 innocence and the mysterious recesses of the soul!

This is how I blew my $ in Los Angeles.
Shopping fabric instead of shoes, clothes and other nonsense.

My friend Courtney came all the way from Denver to 
see me and to give me this adorable unicorn.
You made my day, Miss Grapes!!!

So many adorable couture shops in Los Angeles *sigh*

*hihi* One more… favorite outfit!
It was my birthday and I was totally hung over when 
I took this selfie ^^

My private costume closet ;) haha!

'Good-bye Ophelia' dinner with my highlighter-friends
at 'Real Food Daily' my favorite vegan restaurant in LA.

I'll be back soon. I promise!

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