Behind the scenes: Couture shooting in Hollywood

My highlight has been the For the Stars Fashion House shooting so far.
They usually dress only celebrities such as Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj for the red carpet, their music videos and shootings.
Their showroom is one of the most amazing places on earth and all these outfits make me hold my breath until my face turns blue :)

Yes, dreams DO come true!

These two outfits were the objects of my desire!!!
I decided to use the one on the left for the first shoot on 
location in southern California and the one on the right
for another shoot on Broadway the other week :)

On my way southbound to the coast.
I totally LOVE burgundy hair and fuchsia lipstick!

The location.
I'd say the concept is pretty obvious^^

What a great day! 
I am looking SO forward to sharing the results very soon!

Second location!
Such a magical place!

You cannot imagine how windy it was. I actually had to
pose without wearing any heels as the rocks were extremely steep and slippery.
Still very adventurous and thrilling.

After the shoot I got to cuddle with this cute puppy.
I just love Pomeranians <3 



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