New sponsor: I AM SIN by Masuimi Max

I am pleased to tell you that Masuimi Max provided me with some fabulous 
make-up of her brand I AM SIN.

Read more about my recommendations, tips and daily make up routines below.


for sinners

Her make-up line has great products to offer.
My personal favorite is definitely the matte winter red lipstick
as matte lipstick is dope and the color simply to die for!!!
I don't own the Tempting and Sinful yet but I am pretty sure
that they will be as hot as Matte Winter Red.
Statement lips are always the easiest way to look fabulous ;)
One of my daily make up routines is to wear a statement lipstick in combination with foundation, a lil bit of blush and mascara only. No other eye make up needed! :)


for sinners

My most favorite blush is either Mauve Rose or Harlowe Pink 
especially for my daily make up as it lets my face shine bright.
For my Kinky Candy show I cannot go without Grenadine

My favorite blush is not shown in the color chart above, 
please take a look at this banner instead.


for sinners

I love pigments for the simple reason that they 
are by far more versatile than eyeshadows.
Mix them among each other to create
whatever shade is needed.
Moreover you can mix it with a 'mixing solution'
like Ingots Duraline to create eyeliner, brow fillers and so on.
Besides that I find blending is easier with pigments.

I don't own all pigments from the color chart but I like
the White Sparkle the most.
Applied with a bigger brush it adds a nice sparkle to your skin and
for a more intense look just use a harder brush :)

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