Making of: LET'S GLAM beauty shoot

The idea for this shooting floated around in my head for such a long time.
Finally, it bothered me so much that I had to take a few days off to make it happen.

My dear friend, Ryo Love from the UK decided to join me next to photographer Moritz Maibaum who took all the fantastic pictures! Thanks to my sponsor PARISAX PROFESSIONALS for supplying the make up products for the shoot and Laura Eileen and Susanna Anderson for being such great models!


After searching for the right materials for about a week I could finally start. Perfect timing as Ryo arrived from the UK only a few days later. 

Creating the perfect shades for the 
pastel colored glasses and nails

Ryo's workstation 

The smell of hard work is all around. After more than 8 hrs 
of work the nails and the glasses were done

Proud me :)

Working on the next pair of glasses. Phew!
The grinder always reminds me that I need to get 
a proper breathing protector

The result after working from early in the morning till late
in the night

Another day another challenge :)

On the fourth day I created this beauty

First picture of me being creative… EVER :D

Late in the night when I was done making this 
colorful piece :)


Here are two of eight pictures of the editorial
I am going to post all pictures in another blog post soon!

Let's glam - Ophelia Overdose

Let's Glam - Ophelia Overdose

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