My very first Halloween in the US

Oh sh**
I am very late with this blog post but I really want to share last years Halloween adventures with u!
It sounds LOOOONG ago but it happened 2,5 month ago actually :D

Well, Halloween isn't popular in Europe at all.
There are some 'let's make money with an American tradition' Halloween parties at clubs and some kids try to get collect some candies on the streets but …. Halloween doesn't really exists here.
Last years Halloween in the UK was a blast regardless ;)

But in 2013 my first 'real' Halloween happened, I travelled all the way from Germany to Canada to Los Angeles. This is where everything happened :)

Halloween Party No.1

My dear friend Kelly Eden took me to Anastasia Beverly Hills private Halloween Party.

My summary:
Loads of lovely and really talented make-up artists, bloggers and creatives.
Super nice crowd!!!

good music,
free cocktails,
a fortuneteller
green screen photo booth :)
super lush candy bar (even 5 star superior hotels don't have something that amazing to offer!!!!) and a
super amazing 'cheese-fruit-bread' bar (for all those that had enough candy ;)

Our green screen photo booth picture!
Me and Kelly in love (with onesies)

This picture doesn't do justice to the real beauty of the candy
bar. A pink illuminated ice sculpture on the left that
I didn't photograph next to pink illuminated cotton candy.
Loads of lovely decorated chocolates, cake pops, candy apples,
macarons, brownies and cupcakes. 
Everything was GLITTERY!

My and my unicorn friends hiding in a box :)

Accessories sold separately :D

The lovely Shrinkle faced her paranormal fears and had
her cards read by this super cute fortune teller :)
She read my cards too :D

Super awesome goodie bag!!!
All these stunning make-up products are now mine!!

Halloween Party No.2

Another night = Another Halloween Party
I had a great time rockin the photo booth and hanging around
backstage with my lovely friend Visha Loo.

Me - Perish - Visha 

I had the pleasure to be my friend Visha's stage kitten :)
She is the master of fake blood and contortion!!!!

Halloween Party No. 3

My third Halloween party took part on the streets of LA. It is said that it's the biggest open-air Halloween event in the US. Woooop!
In the middle of the night we ended up in a VIP lounge getting served with free drinks! Awesome!

My styling!
Something 'Day of the Dead' inspired :)

Drinking vodka cranberry from an illuminated cup.
It kinda scares me that they didn't stop glowing after
more than a week after Halloween o.0
We decided to throw them away ;) 

Halloween Party No.4

Actually, not a 'Halloween Party' … However, the
Dia de Los Muertos festival at Hollywood Forever Cemetery 
was a great experience!

For the reason that Mexico is close to California, they've got
loads of Mexicans in Los Angeles. 
Therefore I consider myself very fortunate that I had the chance to take part in this festival.

My favorite alter at Dia de los Muertos festival at
the cemetery. This place was magical.
There is no better way to honor a beloved person who has died.

Another stunningly beautiful altar.
This one was placed in a gigantic mausoleum.

Thanks a lot for reading!!!

Bye Bye Halloween!
Rest in Peace lil pumpkins!

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