New sponsor: Geisha Wigs

AWESOME! From the very first moment forth I used wigs for my shootings.
More or less extreme and creative.

I guess that I own about 100 wigs and my collection is always growing.
Getting sponsored by a wig company is a dream that has become real!

I love Geisha wigs for their fantastic range of crimped, dip dye and unusual colored wigs.

Geisha Wigs on Facebook

Geisha Wigs online shop

I got the first wigs for my UK tour and my trip to Munich.

Wearing 'Mystique' in Birmingham while touring the UK

Wearing 'Mystique' while shooting in Munich

Photographed by Thomas Wozak
I am wearing an outfit by Agnieszka Osipa and the 'Mystic' wig
by Geisha Wigs

Thanks Maria for the fantastic collaboration!!
I am looking very forward to shooting the other wigs you've sent!!

Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring me :D

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