Making-of: Christmas shooting 2013

It's time again for my annual Christmas shooting!
Two years ago I posed as a living Candy Cane in Los Angeles and last year I made a gigantic dress for a more avant-garde Christmas shoot on a carrousel.
Find both images at the end of this blog post :)

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Making pattern, the dough and baking the rolled out parts of the 
future gingerbread took a whole evening.
I decided to make gigantic candy canes from gingerbread two which took
another evening :)

Making decorations for the rooftop from gingerbread 
 with leftover dough

White, red and green icing to make the candy canes shine :)

Building my dream house :D

DONE :) I am SO happy about how it turned out!

Making the costume the night before the shoot

How the final result looks like

I just cannot stop nibbling on my gingerbread props.

On set :)

Still in process… :)

My annual Christmas shootings




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