Haute couture shooting in Hollywood

On days like these I am even more happy that I have the great luck to work as a model and to live the life of a living barbie doll :)

Funny enough, I preferred playing in the woods to build tree houses when I was younger.
Whatever… let me show u some of the dresses that I had to choose from.
I got like super excited when I was looking at all these sparkling dresses.



They must have come all the way from heaven or all the way from
Dubai because most dresses are from Darsara Haute Couture.

Haute Couture from heaven (click to enlarge)

more dresses

Jewelry by Don Dee Designs



So many pretty shoes to choose from.
I decided to go for the white and the blue heels for the cream-colored dresses.
Moreover I found these super awesome black heels at the showroom 
that I fell in love with. I combined those with the black dresses that
we shot right afterwards.

by Shoes for the Stars

Sparkle sparkle




First look

Second look

Third look

Fourth look

Fifth look

Sixth look



These are the first results.
More to come!

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