On tour in the UK - 3rd stop: LONDON

Awesome! I made it to London again, finally!
Let's drink a toast to London simply because it's one of my favorite cities and just fantastic!

The weekend in London was a fantastic and very unique experience for me!
*hihi* Now I need to explain why ;)

Best home I ever had. A church :D

Well, my parents spend some time together in London at the same weekend.
Plus my sweet princess Ryo Love came all the way from Wales with her companion Al Rocks to see me. Lucy Cates (an adorable girl and new friend of mine) offered me to stay with her in A CHURCH.
There is more to come: Oli and Danny both very close friends from Germany traveled to London as well. HOW AWESOME, eh?

Here are some impressions of my fabulous weekend off in London

Public transport, Porsche & Piccadilly Circus

Infantes terribles 

Danny - Me - Ryo - Lucy Cates

Ryo was so happy to see me that she went 
cross eyed x)

Rare air up there :)

*hihi* Me and Lucy Cates are having fun

 Party people on the bus :)

My lil pony

Me and my mum in Camden
I love her! She is so adorable!

Attention! Photobombing daddy :D

Such a pretty day at Camden Lock

Fresh flowers at Amy Winehouse memorial in front of her house

Stables market. One of my favorite places in London - preferably during the week :)

This is a story about  creepy zombie pigeons and 
Medusa who is apparently able to turn things into iron :)

It's nice in here :)

Gleaming white teeth anyone?
Go to Ripleys ;)

This piece of art was made from toasts and a toaster

SCARY!! A shrunken head....
a REAL head 0.o

No I am not at work but I can't help doing it ^^

What really impressed me was the tiniest camera that
actually works!! The pictures were as big as my smallest fingernail!


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