Shooting for Kicka Custom Design at Michael Jackson's mansion

I really don't have any 'fan girl' kinda attitudes when meeting well-known personalities
BUT shooting at the former mansion of Michael Jackson was such an honor.

Full of curiosity I got to discover his mansion in Beverly Hills together with the team involved
in the production.

All I can say is WOW!!! 
The mansion is incredibly huge and it's weird to imagine that only one person used to live there.
It must be hard not to end up lonely.

But anyway, I had to promise not to publish too many pictures of the location. 
Therefore I can provide only a very limited insight.

But first of all:

for Kicka Custom Design


Arrival :)

The guesthouse nearby the pool

Getting ready for the shooting inside the guesthouse

Styling for the third set

The view from the guesthouse

The view from the mansion

Getting ready for the second set

Bathtub :) There was a waterfall right next to the chandelier

I guess I took a pill that made me shrink ;)

The cellar

* More pictures from this shoot to be online soon *

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