On tour in the UK - 2nd stop: Birmingham


It was great to be back again! I kinda fell in love with Birmingham about two years ago.
In the majority of cases I don't see that much of the cities that I visit for the reason that I don't have any  time off. Fortunately I passed this pretty graveyard on my way to the shoot.

Pretty and peaceful

Amazing costume by Agnieszka Osipa 
ready to make history 

This headdress makes me wanna float in the air 
like a cotton candy cloud :)

U cannot imagine how happy it makes me to enter the 
limelight with my latest costume design

Serious work in the studio while I was doing my make up :)

Pretty pretty costume by Agnieszka Osipa
combined with this adorable pastel violet wig by Geisha Wigs

*to be continued*

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