Gamescom 2013

Yeah! Actually my first Gamescom.... and I loved it!

It's like being on another planet with loads of nerds and pretty girls
- 340.000 nerds to be exact ;)

Thanks a lot to CI Games for having me!!!

My costume - provided by CI Games

Haven't experienced a trade-fair of equal fun! Honestly!
Being on stage and throwing keyboards and videocards into the crowd was a great experience :)
Everybody was screaming. Hundred of hands were up in the air ready to catch whatever flies in their direction - and to fight for it ofc :D

On stage for 'Lords of the Fallen'

Just smile! Błażej, the delevolper introduces his new game

Ari and me

Screen-ing ;)

Błażej's words about my work for CI games at Gamescom are like honey to my soul.
I feel deeply honored!!

"There was a very visible difference in general attitude, body language and awareness of the role between Miss Overdose and other girls. I never expected I would be able to learn professionalism from a cosplayer."

Find more charming (and very funny) words in his blog post about Gamescom HERE
Normally I don't have the time to read blog posts myself but this one is worth reading!!

Awesome team!

... and again I got to know another VERY nice, pretty
and professional gal :-*

A lil bit of me on stage :)

0:43  -  1:30  -  1:45

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