Interview and editorial in Auxiliary magazine 28

The editorial that we shot at the former mansion of Michael Jackson got published in June/July issue Auxiliary Magazine. Thanks to Kicka Custom Design for the awesome wardrobe styling and Moritz Maibaum Photography for showing only the best of me.

I get quite a lot of messages from people asking me how I got into modeling. U will find the answer in the interview :)

Ophelia Overdose's creativity knows no limits. She is model, make-up artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist, designer and performer. This makes the personality of each of her photoshoots hers to control on the deepest level; paying close attention to detail and using her skills to realize her visions. She travels regularly all over Europe and North America an now on the pages of Auxiliary.

name: Ophelia Overdose
eye color: Light green
hair color: Orange
turn-ons: Sunshine
turn-offs: Stress

why do you model?
I enjoy being creative to underline the different facets of my personality. For me doing a photoshoot doesn't mean to just wear a dress that a stylist brought because I usually design wigs, accessories and costumes. I am also responsible for the majority of concepts.

how did you get into modeling?
A few photographers approached me on the street at the age of 18. My style was totally wicked and very extreme at that time so it happened that I got shooting requests by both professionals and photography students every month. I've always been pretty interested in art, so for that reason I decided to do give it a try. At first I was not convinced, but after I organized my own photoshoots instead of modeling for somebody else’s vision, the passion was awaked.

favorite musical artist
Various ;) Really depends how I feel and what time it is. 50ies Jazz in the morning, pop or alternative music during the day and dance or electronic music in the night.

favorite movie
In Time and Avatar

favorite tv show
Desperate Housewifes, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory

favorite cocktail
Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito

favorite color
Rainbow :)

favorite article of clothing
Embroidered dresses, fancy leggings and high heels

favorite fashion designer
Amato Haute Couture, Alexander McQueen, Royal Black

favorite outdoor activity
Doesn't matter as long as I am with my friends... but exploring my surrounding when traveling and of course shopping are on the top list ;)

favorite indoor activity
Crafting in my workshop

favorite club/club night/place to go out
Cocktail bars

anything you'd like to say to our readers?
I'd feel very honored if u take a bit of time to visit my blog at www.miss-overdose.com to get a more intense feeling of what I do. It's all about preparing a shooting, crafting costumes and wigs, doing make-up, traveling and dancing on stages around the world :)


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