Amphi Festival 2013

I had a blast at this years Amphi Festival.

It's by far one of my favorite festivals cuz it's just so unbelievably relaxing to be there.
The beach bar with its tiny but real palm trees, white sand and pretty pavilions decorated with white fabric that is flying in the wind.
I couldn't find the right translation for my favorite 'Amphi-Featival-Food' but we Germans call it 'Schweinekrustenbraten' in a roll with loads of mustard.
Did I mention that they make the best Mojitos?! ;)

But lemme show u how everything begun!

DAY 0 
the day before

If I had a brother, it would be Markus! <3
In front of Cologne Cathedral.

Looks like an Installation. Never understood
that kind of art tho but his shirt and pants
match the walls of Cologne Cathedral perfectly.
Poor man. The heat was boiling.

The shot in between the actual shots are always the best :)



First picture of the day :D

Me - Oli - Tai
The challenge of the day: Finding ice cream that matches
the color of Olis shirt. He didn't want anything else :p

Finally, the picture of me and my friends eating
'Schweinekrustenbraten' in a roll :)

Les enfants terrible :D

Relaxing and listening to music with a Mojito or two :)

The parasol saved my live (pardon... pale skin ;)



Breakfast with friends in the front yard of my 
parents house. Nothing more to ask for!!

Ropeway across the Rhine aka flying sauna.

A thousand and one beads of sweat.
Time to refill!

Oli and Markus joined me in the flying sauna.

This is how the outfit looked before the heat forced
me to take the skirt off.
Well, haha, I know that the skirt is not that covering but
the construction isn't that easy to carry and it pissed me off ;)

...and if I had a lil sister, it would be Zara!

Having a good time in our pavilion! Wanna join? :D

Kami said he likes the light and shadows so he took a pic :)

I love Oli's sunnies!

The awesome view from the beach bar. Cologne Cathedral is on the very left!

 The beach bar was our favorite spot. The parasols are just too pretty and comfy.



Picnic in the shades of these trees.

Look at the sky in his glasses!

Dabbling in the water with Oli and Markus.


In a separate blog post I am going to write about the costumes that I made!

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