AMAZING shooting in LA

Writing journal entries is the best way for me to reminisce great experiences of the past  :)

It was a fabulous day at Pillarbox studios with


First headdress

Second and third headdress 

Next to Michael Rosner the body painter, wearing
the fourth headdress :)

Next to cutie Caley the genius behind the brand
'Miss G Designs'

First look. Extreme curls and a decent painting

Second painting done.

Second look. More painting, bigger headdress

Third look. Even more painting and the biggest headdress :)

He is so much fun and a one of those rarely seen individuals that radiates 
so much positive energy and harmony that u can almost see it!

The other model on set was the gorgeous Aya Warren, an actress and model from Los Angeles.

She took this sneak peak of her styling with her phone :)

I am looking very forward to show u the results of this day very soon!
The photos turned out AMAZING.

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