I've got AMAZING news!

The French make-up brand PARISAX just started sponsoring me with fabulous make-up and other high end beauty products.

Personally, I am very thankful for this sponsorship as I am doing all the make-up for photoshoots and  performances myself for many years. It's like a compliment to my artistry as a make-up artist.

Similar to all existing sponsorships I am not going to advertise any products I am not convinced of!


The parcel was HUGE! 
Honestly I didn't expect such a giant package for that reason it blew my mind!

It took me 2 hrs to unpack everything. Time to take photos with my phone not included ;)

Let me show u a few things I photographed :)

Skin bases, correctors, primers and foundations

Glossy glossy

Pigments and lipstick

                                  Awesome stuff!                                               Lipstick and nail polish

Various shades of loose powder and more :)

Glossy bag to carry make-up, wigs and more when traveling 

How the whole travel case look like
I am so in love with the plug in the back to enlighten the mirror!!

Thanks to the whole PARISAX company.
I am very happy to be part of the team!

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