Los Angeles adventures part IV

Omg it's time again!!!

I am going to leave for LA in only 2 days! Time to tell u some more stories
about my trip to LA in February :)


My adorable friend Sylva dressed up in a gorgeous costume
by Bubbles and Frown and me @ the ART WALK

During the ART WALK I got to know El Vaquero Muerto 
a very talented painter and designer from Phoenix.
Afterwards we went out for dinner with friends. This is
where I took this picture of his mask and pasties :) 

The main theme in this gallery was: Stitched fetish.
This one was my favorite cause it amused me a lot :D
If u have a closer look at the right one u can see a lil duck
sitting in her muff :)

My hair styling and make up for this evening



The BEST finding ever! HUGE pieces of embroidered lace

This is how crafting stores look like in LA *sigh*
Haven't seen so many high quality synthetic flowers at a time
in my whole life yet. This pic only shows only a small range 
of pink flowers they offered. They had a section with 
purple, fuscha, pastels, yellow, brown and so on :)

Being happy standing next to the huge brown patterned leaves 
that match my dress perfectly :)


With Sylva at the Unicorn Art Show wearing
unicorn headdresses by Bubbles and Frown

'Unicorn in Space' photobooth at the Art Show

Doing yoga as much as I can :)


Such a long journey. Look surreal to me.

There was a camera attached on the outside
of the plane. How amazing!

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