Behind the scenes: Shooting 'Candilicious'

Shooting the 'Candilicious' breastplate by Girl Armour was one of my highlights in 2012.

It was pretty hard to keep myself from eating this sweet creation :) I am glad that designer Ian brought a giant lollipop that wasn't attached on the breastplate just for me :)

The result

 It was the third year in a row that we came together for a creative fusion.

As every year we had a meeting two weeks prior to the shoot to talk about the stylings.
From this moment forth I spent all time sitting in my workshop to create matching
wigs, accessories and costume pieces to combine with the armours.


Making the fringe piece for the wig


Trying the wig after the fringe piece is added


*PHEW* Finally done with the giant bustle skirt


Almost done:
Ian, the designer of GirlArmour sent me this
work-in-progress picture of his sweet


Finally: The wig is done! 
It turned out even better than I thought :)


The outfit I created without wearing the armor


              iPhone snapshot on set in London     

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