Adventures in Los Angeles part III


I took this photo while waiting for my Johnny Rockets 
burger on the first day after my arrival in LA.
Feeling the sun on my skin was like the
best beauty treatment ever!!

Still waiting for my burger :)

Yay! Burgers! Nom! 

Shadow play :)



Meeting with lovely Marika, designer of Kicka Custom Designs.

Marika & me
She is such a cutie and a huge inspiration for me.
Born in Sweden, she left for America about 20 years ago.
Marika has a sparkling personality! 
I am so unbelievably happy to start a collaboration with her soon!

In her workshop. It has an amazing view over Downtown LA <3

After the meeting: This is what happens when I have 
tons of emails to catch up on :) Sweet kitten!



Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown, LA
It's the prettiest building ever.
The whole building is covered with sparkling mint colored tiles :)

Another pretty building. 
It looks pretty simple in general but there is a lovely
church on top :)

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