Shooting adventures in Los Angeles part II

I did quite a lot of shootings this time :) 
Here are my favorites of the first week!

Shooting with model Lauren Calaway
for Nouveau Magazine

One word: Wawawoom! 
This shoot was something very special to me.
I am very thankful for all these fantastic 
experiences that I am able to make.

The whole editorial will get published in

Dressed in crazy'n'colorful outfits from head to toe
with beautiful Lauren next to me!

Shooting for 'Bubbles and Frown'

One of my favorite designers from the US is 'Bubbles and Frown'.
Every item is handcrafted by the artist Sylva herself.

Well, she is a magnet for everything beautiful, lovely and crazy on this planet.

My favorite in her collection.
I am so happy that I got to model this design of hers.

Took this pic with my phone before shooting.
Lol.  Looks like a shooting pic, eh?!

RED + crimped hair

Another favorite of her collection.
She did the headdress and the whole costume herself.
... and yes, that headdress is shaped like a horse's head :D

... to be continued

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