My first days in LA

Hi there,

Los Angeles is treating me nice.
I am thankful for all nice things that life gives me!

Each one who has been in the shadows for a long time knows how to appreciate the sparkling sun.

Here are a few pictures that I took in the past three days!

Getting ready to rock the night wearing my new
outfit by Westward Bound

Having my own driver makes me feel like a rockstar :)

My drivers car

I am the cupcake princess :) 
The first American cupcakes I've ever
tried. Honestly I expected something similar to muffins but
these cupcakes were a thousand times better :)

Enjoying the sun in Downtown LA


First shooting in LA
With adorable Mosh and custom-made outfits by Westward Bound

First styling

Second styling - same day


Joshua Tree National Park
Omg... this place is just sooooo amazing! 
I went there for about an hour only so I missed 98% of the park. 
It's huge! 


Oasis with huge palm trees

My love taking photos of the nature <3

 Huge flags all over the country.
Found this one in the middle of the desert ^^

Encounter with a huge cactus. Actually the first I've seen
and touched in my life!

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