'Storm Trooper' series with Girl Armour

Hey guys,

by publishing the third picture of the 'Storm Trooper' shooting, the series is finally completed.

Shooting this set was like a dream coming true. 
My father is a huge Star Wars fan. 
Therefore I have one and a million memories about things that happened in my childhood, which 
have to do with one of those Star Wars episodes that came up at that time :)

The beyond talented designer and soul mate Ian from Girl Armour, designed and built every single armour and breastplates from scratch, as well as the gun :)

Thanks also to the gorgeous Shosanna who is the owner and designer of Shhh! Couture

Last but not least I have to thank the male models Greg and George,who were human underneath the costume, actually.

All photos were shot in London in 2012 by Moritz Maibaum Photography. Without him this would never have been possible!!

... and here is a my traditional iphone shot on set before shooting ;)

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