Promo 'Night of the Dance'

I am unbelievably happy to be permitted to publish the results from
the "Night of the dance" promo shoot.

The whole shooting campaign got organized from scratch by me and photographer Moritz Maibaum, which was a bunch of work to do.


Hand in hand with Rene, the producer of the show, I designed a colorful chainsaw to
match one of the characters of his show.

This is the result :) It's a real, fully functional chainsaw :)

Futhermore I had to organize several costumes for the male characters. Fortunately, all costumes for the female part were already in my wardrobe :)


Here are the female characters that I modeled.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the fourth character which is the dark'n'sexy Ninja
but have a look at the poster to see it :)

Wig for sale in my shop: www.miss-overdose-shop.com

Corset from Viola Lahger

Corset for sale in my shop: www.miss-overdose-shop.com

Let me introduce u to MR GREEN :)

Make-up artist Sonja Schwarz, male model Cle as Mr Green  


Sonja - Cle - Ophelia - Rene


The main characters were used to create newspaper ads, the playbill and some more ads to present the new show called "FLOW"

Here are some of the others variants put together by an advertisement agency.

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