Ophelia in NY - Shooting for Von Gutenberg magazine

Erik von Gutenberg, founder of Von Gutenberg magazine 
shot me for his magazine in his photo studio NY.

Month earlier I started preparing the shoot! 
For that reason I am so happy, it turned out a success for everyone involved!

The magazine will be out soon.
Will keep u posted!
Unfortunately I have to keep all photos under wraps, but I am pretty sure that I am allowed to load them up very soon!

The outfit on the right was made by Vex Clothing especially for the shoot. Thank u so much!!!!

We shot eight glamorous outfit in total. Each one prettier than the next.

Have a look urself!!

                            Outfit by Brigitte More                                                     Outfit by Westward Bound 

                                  Outfit by Brigitte More                                                     Outfit by Dawnamatrix

I got to shoot at some AMAZING locations as well. A cigar bar and a steam engine room.

One of the amazing steam machines :) 

One picture of the whole editorial is already online.
More to come soon!!! (I hope ;)

Shot by Erik von Gutenberg, wearing Westward Bound 

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