Performing @ Lyon Fetish Weekend 2012

I am going to break from writing about my travel to the UK to show u this flyer of Lyon Fetish Weekend.
 It is meant to present my performance at Lyon Fetish Weekend.

My performance will take place on the main event, the Bal des Supplices on Saturday, 29th sept.
It'll be the debut of my new show the MILLENIUM ROBOT

Hope to see u there :)


I also have an interview for u, in case u want to know more about me and my work :)

A FRENCH version is available HERE

1. You are a model, a makeup artist, a designer, a performer, a designer... and you are just 23 years old! Tell us about how you got started?

        I started modeling for fun at the age of 18 or 19 after a few photographers approached me on the street. My style was totally wicked and very extreme at that time so it happened
        that I got shooting requests by both professionals and photography students every month. I've always been pretty interested in art, so for that reason I decided to do give it a try. At first I was not convinced, but after I organized my own photoshoots instead of modeling for somebody else’s vision, the passion was awaked.
        Years later I graduated in garment technology, which is also my professional background for my work as a designer. Although I had loads of modeling experience, publications and job offers at that time, I didn’t have enough courage to become self employed. Then it just sort of 'happened' and it was definitely the best turn in my life so far.


        3. Fetish, Cyber, Steam Punk... your universe is rich, how can you define it?
I'd say that creativity has no limit. Therefore, I don't want to define my artwork.
        I enjoy having ultimate freedom and that people don't expect something from me.


        4. You also design clothes. Do you only use latex? If so, why? How do you want to
        differentiate from the other fetish brands?

        I use 90% non-latex materials, because I am a trained pattern maker, designer and sewer. The costumes, wigs and accessories that I design and manufacture are not 'fetish' at all. Just have a look at my pictures and decide how you want to characterize them.


        6. It is said that you turn heads and that all designers and photographers
        want to work with you. How do you explain this infatuation for you?
*blush* Seriously, it makes me giggle when people say that to me.
        Okay, the fact is, it's pretty difficult for me to talk about myself that way because
        it's not my nature. But people say that they like the variety of looks that I can create.
        They like the cute princess, the femme fatale and steampunk warrior and all the other characters. Even though all the costumes, sets and stylings are so different from each other, I still have my signature look ... and people seem to like it.


        7. You have worked with a lot of photographers and designers, who else would you like to work with?

        I am open-minded for all upcoming collaborations. Photographers, designers, musicians and artists of every kind are always welcome. I love to inspire other artists and to be inspired by them as well. A few weeks ago I did an advertisement for a national dance musical show, which was extremely exciting. I’m looking forward to all the projects that I already have scheduled, and for those that will be added soon.


        8. We will see you at the next Bal des Supplices. Is it the first time you are coming to
        perform in France? What kind of performance are you preparing?

        I travelled to Paris last year for some modeling projects but it'll be my first time actually performing in France. I am so excited.
I am going to perform the debut of my 'Millennium robot' show, which will be one of the most spectacular shows I’ve ever done. The costume I’ll wear arose from a close collaboration with Royal Black couture and corsetry. I’m unbelievably happy about the final result. Royal Black is one of the world’s best corset makers, and for good reason.
        I also designed a matching wig, accessories and a mechanical looking skirt to make the
        overall look perfect. The performance itself will be sparkling eye candy


        9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What are your future plans?

        I live in the here and now and I am open minded for all 
positive turns that live has to offer.

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