Ophelia in the UK - Part 3

Hey dudes,

this will be my second to last blog post about my trip to the UK.

I had so much fun that I don't wanna stop writing about it, but there is much more I wanna write about at the moment *aaaaahhhhh* :)

Jolly Ophelia

It was such a hot day, that shooting latex turned out to be extremely sweaty.
Almost 40°C in London is rare so I had to preserve traces :)

See it for urself ;)

We shot 4 sets on that day in total. 

  • The silver diva
  • The rockstar
  • The candy queen
  • The winter princess

ROCKSTAR prop for the 4th shooting set ^^

One of my fav headdresses by Posh Fairytale Couture

London Wonderground

I just love this adorable place.
For all those who don't know London Wonderground:
It's a small retro funfair right next to London Eye in Jubilee Park.
They offer some charming places to sit and relax, a freak show, a candy store, a huge carrousel and some other retro funfair rides :)

We went there twice!

The greatest show on earth :)

Step this way :)

Scary :D

Fun in London Underground on
  our way to London Wonderground

I love carrousels 

Hope u had fun reading this blog post!

My last blog post will be about my trip to Plymouth where I visited lovely Sarah, Westward Bounds head of designs :)

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