Ophelia in the UK - Part 2

This blog post is all about my travel from London to the Isle of Man.

I got up extremely early to catch my flight from London Gatwick. 
My alarm clock forced me to get out of my warm, fluffy bed at 5 am in the morning (dislike!)

The airplane was soooo tiny and small that it looked like a private jet... but it wasn't ^^

Treasure map 

As soon as I landed on the isle my day got better and better. It was a sunny but quite windy day with no weariness around :)

Here are the outfits the photographer 'Mr Spoon' asked me to model.

First look: Sparkle sparkle 

Second look: Pin up latex

She must have thought that I was a cat :) 
See it urself :)

My sweet contemporary

What happened after the shoot?
Mr Spoon drove me around in his Jaguar. Epic!
I can still smell the creamy colored leather seats *miau*

Took this picture on my way back to London

Bye bye Isle of Man

Some more shooting posts and candid shots from my trip are waiting for u :)

<3 <3

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