Ophelia in London - Part 4

Hey hey :)

this is going to be my last blog post about my annual travel to the UK.


As u may know, Westward is sponsoring me for more than a year now.
Honestly one of the most amazing things that happened to me last year :)
During the Fetish Weekend in Montreal, I got to meet the head of designs Sarah Beech and became friends with her instantly. 

She invited me to come for a visit to beautiful Plymouth to see the Westward Bound factory, the office and her home.

I didn't need to be told twice :)

The Westward Bound office

Pictures of me on many folders :) So stylish!!
Olala :) Magnet board in the WB office
Beautiful dress being made in the factory
Only two of all those hard working girls in the factory :)
When I was done with looking around in the factory
the dress was done. Magical :)
Inspecting the 'Femmalicious' design folder

The Westward Bound shop

Yaaaaay. Two posters in the display
WOW, they print every picture and put in in a frame.

The shooting

I have to confess that the pictures of my shoots in Plymouth are not retouched yet but I've got some behind the scene pictures for u meanwhile :)

First shooting location 
Second shooting location. Popular Plymouth hoe. 
Me and Sarah during the shoot

Time to relax

When u want to take a break from everyday life, go to Plymouth.

Seriously, it was like being on vacation for weeks.
Sarah is not only an extremely good cooker, she is just the loveliest contemporary ever.

Love playing around with cats! 
... and I love playing around with her dogs as well :)
Magical moment!

Every travel has its end. Unfortunately.

By tradition: The most beautiful view from my return flight 
Sitting in the sun and waiting for the train to arrive at
 Düsseldorf airport in Germany

... My next blog post will be about my 3rd shooting for Girl Armour.
Here is a preview pic :) Curious?

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