Ophelia in the UK - Part 1

Hey :)

so nice to have some time to write about my trip to London, the Isle of Man and Plymouth.
This years shooting tour was something very special, cause I had the chance to travel together with my companion and take a few days of to meet friends from the UK.

The first part is all about

The arrival +

On the plane wearing my beloved necklace by Manufaktur Herzblut. Actually, it was not my intention to annoy people by wearing this sparkling piece of jewelry - but the whole plane was filled with an overdose of sparkles :D

Sparkle sparkle

It's traditional that I post the most beautiful sky picture from the travel :)

So beautiful!

Pret is definitely my most favorite 'fast' food in London. I need only 10 minutes to decide which sandwich or fresh pressed juice to take but in the end they're all delicious.
Too bad that I haven't seen a Pret chain restaurant elsewhere in the world :(
For that reason I grab one of their sandwiches whenever I am hungry :)

Favored 'fast' food in London

I am not sure whether I love or hate it, but it's definitely a 'stylish' traffic :)

London traffic - Love it or hate it

I must be a child of the sun as my mother use to say, cause I have ALWAYS the most loveliest weather when I travel, doesn't matter who I am, even in Canada and Sweden. 

Child of the sun

Wore my favorite leggings while shopping in Camden

In love with studs and net

Just a beautiful building that I found while wandering around on my day off 

Random :)

SHOPPING time in Brick Lane market. Found such a cute shop. Even the wigs of the mannequins in the display were top notch. Couldn't stop staring!!! 
My flat looks so similar to the interior furnishing and decoration of the shop :)

Shabby chic love!

So british. Fish and chips. NOM NOM!!
Nobody wanted to share the HUGE dish with me so I tried to eat it all myself...
... I failed ^^

Yes, sir!

Same day with Ryo in a store full of fancy pancy crap :) 

Duck or swan? ^^

 I guess that these translucent clown masks are meant to look funny. Instead they look extremely scary. Bohoooo!!!

Bought this lovely lace and tulle dress, embroidered with hundreds of pearls.
A girls dream :) Couldn't resist wearing my new dress the very next day <3

Of tulle, lace and pearls :)

Another tradition is to take photos in parabolic mirrors :)
Loads of them can be found in the London Underground system.

Mo - Ryo - Me

Dwarf family ^^ Me and my lovely companion <3

Eternal love!

... the next part of my travel to the UK will be online soon.

It'll be about my travel to the Isle of Man :)

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