Visiting the Marquis office

Finally, after some phone calls, emails and magazine publications Peter Czernich invited me to a business meeting to talk about future collaborations.
It's just amazing that I got to meet the whole Marquis staff in person. Everybody is so nice there!!

I was very excited to see where all the clothing, shooting results and magazines come from!

Sooooo looking forward to surprise u with the result of our business meeting :D

Here are some pictures of my adventure :)

On my way to the office :)
Only some of the amazing latex gowns hanging around there :) Mwah!
... Love!
This is how all the lovely costumes look before transformation :D 
Standing right next to my first 'little' Marquis cover with gorgeous Dita
'The best models together'  Peter said. I feel so honored!
Some magazines on a stand :)

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