Sculpture of me by Nicole West

I was insanely happy when the glorious artist Nicole West told me that she would love to create an Ophelia sculpture. Finally she decided to use the Cotton Candy Burlesque picture as a reference, which is also her favorite pictures of mine.

I know Nicole West for 3 years now and it's always such a delight to see her latest artworks.

I never would have guessed that this would happen! 

When I saw the result finally, I was left speechless with tears in my eyes because it affected me so deeply.

"Dear Nicolethanks for being such an inspirational, gifted and lovely person"

Cotton Candy Burlesque is a polymer art sculpture by artist Nicole West. Each piece is sculpted entirely by hand by the artist so it is the only one of its kind in the entire world.

She is equivalent to 8" high sculpt. This sticky sweet lady is
 sculpted with every detail including fingernails and fine hair eyelashes.

 She has an amazing Tibetan lamb afro in cotton candy pink. Her blue eyes are handmade by the artist. They are not computer generated and reflect the light for added depth and realism.

She is clothed in a clay brazier and leather textured underbust corset harness. Her ruffled panties are silk. She has real fishnet stockings and pink glitter platform stilettos.
She comes with the silk tuffted ottoman she is pictured with.


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 ... and finally the reference picture :)

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