Role Play Convention 2012

Me ... right next to the character 'Piper Heroine'

Hey guys,

this years Role Play Convention 2012 was 
fairly different from the last one, cause I 
worked for the company 'Pegasus Spiele' 
which distribute board games of each kind :) 

It's always so much fun to work with em! 
Seriously, being part of such a great team 
rocks. For that reason it was a pleasure for 
me to promote their game "QUEST" on this convention.

In conclusion I got photographed by
different local newspapers, signed quite 
a few autographs, got filmed by three TV
crews and interviewed by two radio teams. 
Not to mention the thousands of photos 
that all the people took :D

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I felt very very honored when I got to know that Pegasus added the 
character 'Piper Heroine' to their game 'Quest' just for me!

Favorite cosplay of the con

Here are my favorites of both days :)

By Lycilia-Art with Ryo Misery
CUTENESS!!! She was soooooo sweet!!
Favorite pose of the day ^.^
Nice ;) 
I know some of u like to see me smile...
... and for those who don't ;)

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