The secret of Easter

Hey funny hunny Bunnies :)

I am soooo sorry that my latest project reveals the SECRET OF EASTER.
The easter bunny does exist.
Dressed in latex and high heels.

This picture is available as a greeting card!!

Just send 6,50 Euro via PayPal to miss.overdose@gmail.com

or purchase this card in my shop: www.miss-overdose-shop.com

The whole outfit is for sale in my shop at: www.miss-overdose-shop.com
U will get a discount of 30%

The wig is also for sale in my shop.

Now, let me give u a brief glimpse of the shooting preparations and the shoot itself.

Preparing the shoot

Photographer and set designer Moritz Maibaum did this sketch to be prepared for our meeting.
I guess, there is no need to tell u HOW PLEASED I was when I saw his sketch for the very first time.
This is exactly what I was thinking of!

See it for urself!

Sketch by Moritz Maibaum

Set design 'in progress'

While Mo designed the shooting set, I drew some rough sketches 
of possible outfits and shoes for this shoot.
This is the final result:

Sketch by me

The gorgeous shooting outfit was manufactured by the one and only

This link guides u to the original outfit, 
photographed by Martin Perreault and modeled by lovely Bianca Beauchamp

The shoes
I couldn't get the idea out of my head, that there MUST be matching shoes to this outfit somewhere in the world. Too bad that I don't know how to make boots ^^

As though by chance, Fabulously Fetish contacted me.
It's a company that manufactures high quality heels of each kind.
Totally overjoyed I presented them my 'Easter Bunny' project, when they told me that they are interested in sponsoring me.

A short time later I sent them my sketch:

Sketch of the shoes
Thanks to fabulous 

The result is unbelievable pretty, isn't it?

 They sent me some pictures of the manufacturing process also.

Last but not least:

Some time ago Westward Bound asked me to use this wig for a shoot.

Due to the fact that I don't like to use my wig designs too often, I decided to create something similar :)

Almost done :) Curly explosion!


The happy funny hunny bunny :)

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