Finally: Los Angeles Part 6

One month after my trip to Los Angeles I want to write about the gorgeous time I've had for the 
very last time!

San Pedro

I made a day trip to San Pedro, together with some friends.
It was 30 degrees and I was definitely inappropriate dressed ... 
so it was even hotter for a night owl like me :)

Mo found this amazing sea urchin
shell for me <3 
Me - Mo <3

We had the LOVELIEST weather ever. 
It was such a nice and relaxing day.
Beside jumping from rock to rock we went to a lil cave
to search for some mysterious dragons :)

Nom Nomm :) Subway 

Shooting-time in Hollywood

Three consecutive days, I worked on an opulent wig and headdresses for a shoot
in Hollywood.
Mo was around, designing a photo set for the same shoot.

To tell u the truth - This was the most amazing
shoot I've ever had. 

I got to wear three amazing costumes.
Here is a making-of picture to give u a brief glimpse :)

Me and my self-designed wig

I spend so much time to create this wig... and I am pretty happy with the result.
It's my first wig with XXL curls and I think about doing some more :)

Amazing shoes!!

Et voilà... one of the most amazing shoes I've ever worn!


Los Angeles is THE BEST town to spend ur whole lifetime with shopping!

To sum up I can say that I did two things most of the time in America.
1. Spending loads of money on gorgeous things
2. Doing some amazing shootings

I bought 7 pairs of shoes and more than 20 pieces of clothing...
Now I don't really now where to store them ... argh...
I guess EVERY woman knows this problem!

Test drive in the car of my dreams :o)


Now I have to say that it's kind of hard to say GOODBYE America.

But I will come back very soon!
Next visit is scheduled in March: NEW YORK, NEW YORK *sing*

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