Los Angeles Part 5

Unfortunately, this will be the second to last blog entry about my trip to Los Angeles.

Bubbles and Frown shooting

Let me continue with my shooting for Bubbles and Frown, which was definitely one of the best shoots I had during my time in America.

It was such a pleasure to work with photographer Moritz Maibaum and designer Sylva Scar.
We shot 4 amazing sets in 12 hours (including a big noodle break ofc ;)

Let me show u the first results of this shooting :)

Cotton Candy Burlesque

Some of u already know, that this shot is the official advertising for my 'Cotton Candy Burlesque' performance. I cannot describe how fun it was to play with this HUGE feather boa... 
Unbelievable fluffy... wanna take a bath in a tube full of feathers :)

Candy Cane Christmas

This shot is my 'christmas card' picture of the year 2011.
Everything in this picture reminds me of a candy cane *yumm*

Let me present u the final christmas card as well :)

If u want to own ur personal christmas card. 
Please send 6,50 Euro via PayPal to: 
and I will send u one of those cards signed with a lipstick kiss right away!

Here are some behind-the-scenes of the Shooting in Downtown Los Angeles :)

Doing my make up for the 'Candy Cane Christmas' set

Final adjustments for 'Crystal Circus' set

Doing make-up and hair styling for model Scar

The 'American' shoot

I always had this concept in my mind of doing a controversial shoot with something typical American.
... and is there anything more American than the American flag? 

Accidentally, I saw the perfect costume during my shoot for Bubbles and Frown in their studio.
Mwaaahhhh... let's shoot :)
I shot this set with photographer Paindancer from the States and Moritz Maibaum from Germany.

Here is the first result of Moritz. Thank u sooo much!

Doing make up for the shoot

Photographer Paindancer and me during the shoot

To be continued with....

- Shopping time
- San Pedro
- Shooting for Shoes for the Stars

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