Ophelia in London

Hello to all lovely people out there.

Since London is my most favorite city in Europe, I knew before that my shooting trip to London will be more than splendid.

Let me give u an insight into my highlights of the whole trip.
Enjoy :o)

One week earlier: Crafting shooting accessories

I modelled for some amazing designers during my shooting tour.
Many thanks to:
- Girl Armour
Westward Bound
- Ooh la latex
- Spaceship Lolita
- Tatjana Warnecke
- Dawnamatrix

Westward Bound :)



Girl Armour 2011

As last year, I did a shoot with the amazingly talented and multi-creative designer GirlArmour!

It's unbelievable how many sets we shot on a single day. An overdose of 100% creativity.
Here a sneak-preview .... more to come very soon!

Girl Armour 1 - The nasty nurse

Girl Armour 2 - The Pink Power Pussy

Girl Armour 3 - Eve
with talented photographer Julian M. Kilsby <3

Happy belated birthday:
Celebrating the birthday of designer Ian

Tiny Ophelia in Camden <3

Shooting the Sylvanas project


My lovely room <3

*squee* I love London sandwiches :)

In heaven... the sun always shines!

Bye Bye London,... will come back very soon!

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