Montréal Fetish Weekend 2011

Wooop Wooop!

Sorry guys for letting u wait ;)

Let me proudly present: My personal review of the Montréal Fetish Weekend 2011

I can tell u guys that is was more than just a fetish "weekend".
The whole event started on August, 31th and ended on September, 5th.

Let me give u a short overview about my trip to Montréal with some lovely pictures of me and my surrounding!

Everything started with my arrival on the airport in Montréal with a two-hour delay at 6pm.
When I was sitting in the starting plane realizing that there will be no chance to call Carl-André (a friend of mine from Montréal). 
Not anymore *lol*

Happily we met each other at the airport.
Carl-André and his friend Holy were there to give us a warm welcome.
Was not that difficult to recognize this red-headed guy in the crowd ;) 

Mike - Ophelia - Carl-André 

The weather was simply amazing. It was very warm outside, even in the darkness of the night.
What a nice welcome. Thank u Montréal :)

23kg luggage + 18kg hand baggage full of latex, no space left for non-latex stuff.
I guess it was pure luck that I put two summer dresses in the corners of my bags because I didn't know anything about the weather in Montréal ^^

Having a dinner in an Italian restaurant :)
He was not able to play Eleanor Rigby for me *boohoo*

Thanks to André and Holy for collecting me and Mike on the airport.
The Montréal by night tour afterwards was pretty exciting, because the nightlife is so vibrant in Montréal on weekdays!!


Let's have a look at these lovely pictures from my trip to Mont Royale!
The sun was shining all day long -  the perfect weather for this day trip to a mountain close to the city center of Montréal.

Thanks to Brigitte More for this panorama iPhone picture :)

Quiet scary to sit on this railing ^.^

LOVE: Encounter with the most amazing animal on earth

Candy inside :)

U see *yumm

Thousands of masks all around and I bought..... sunglasses :)

Love this shop!!


I had so much fun during the rehearsals for Dawnamatrix latex (Canada), Westward Bound (UK) and Brigitte More (NL). 


Eating the BEST ice cream ever with incredibly big white choc chunks before heading to the fashion show rehearsals!

Creative ice cream for creative girls <3

Westward Bound girls <3

Having fun and cocktails with Sarah Beech, head of the designs in her company Westward Bound.
I fell in love with u these days in Montréal! 
Thanks for being so lovely!

Pina Colada <3

Refreshing :)


Show: Brigitte More (NL)

Show: Dawnamatrix (Canada)

IN 1:43min

Show: Westward Bound (UK)

Westward Bound girls - All dressed up <3 Yumm

After the show <3

If u haven't seen it yet - Have a look at this video interview with me :)


Booty :o)
Final part 

Here is another video for u.
It's me doing my rehearsals in the backstage area :)
Thanks for Mat for this video. I really appreciate that u took ur time to be my assistant on this night!

Ahhhh *squeeee* XXL Ophelia poster. Entrance of the main party location <3

Click to enlarge <3


Another video is waiting for u!

It's an interview with Eric Paradis the promoter of the Montréal Fetish Weekend who is giving an exclusive interview for Erik von Gutenberg.

Thanks to my sponsor Westward Bound for this MIND BLOWING dress!!!


The fair in the main hotel where I shared my room with Mike.
The location was quiet small but the location was simply stunning!
Never visited such a tasteful, elegant and luxurious fair.

Dawnamatrix <3 Love u guys!!

Fast food? YES!
Having pizza, noodles and some more unhealthy stuff soaked in fat *hehe

... together with Mike and Brigitte More

Montreal is where cupcakes grow on trees <3

(I will come back for sure)

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