Ophelia in Sweden Part 3

Heeey guys,

I am back home in Germany right now but there are so many nice things of my shooting trip in Sweden untold.

But first I want to present my the first results from my shootings in Sweden.
Thanks to photographer Marcus Gunnarsson and lovely co-model Elegy Ellem!

Wardrobe design: Lady Lucie Latex UK
Wardrobe by Miss Overdose

If you are interested in buying the corsages (available in S and M) or the headdresses, please ask for further informations:

or visit my SHOP

... and I found these lovely making-off pictures from the shoot

Will upload this picture soon!!

Me doing the make-up for Elegy <3

Day 5

On my fifth day I had a shoot with photographer Moritz Maibaum on location.
It was a very special place in the middle of Sweden, where burned cars and buildings were all around us!

Right before the shoot I met lovely Elle Frostegard and her companion.
I was pretty amazed how friendly, cute and lovely they are. It was an extraordinary appearance! 
Thanks for being awesome!

Ophelia - Elle <3

I will post pictures of this shoot very soon.
Unfortunately we had not the time to do any making off pictures... but maybe we just forgot to do some.

Day 6

Today I had a shoot with a native photographer in the morning!
Many thanks to him for showing me around and for having a nice time together.

I smiled when he told me that he was a bit frightened about asking me for my booking details. I made the experience that there are quiet a lot photographers who told me the same.
*giggles* I seem to appear less human through my artistry 

Please don't be afraid, I am just an ordinary young woman that expresses her individuality in modelling, costume crafting and things like that :)

In the afternoon I met my sister who is currently spending two month in Sweden during her medical study. It was sooooo nice to see her again!!!

Mo - Jessica - Ophelia

Fooling around with my beloved sis

Flowers are all around 

Day 7

First shooting location

Holy crap - today I woke up at 3am to shoot in the rising sun.

But it totally worth it!!!!

There was this super stunning early morning fog on the ground.

It was damn cold in the night, but I am still alive :)

Thanks to Elle Frostegard for the wardrobe design and photographer Moritz Maibaum for being such a great talent!

Second shooting location
Day 8

On my eighth day I had no shoot (which was VERY relaxing) 
so we went to a local restaurant to have some yummy desserts!

Remember: One chocolate a day keeps the doctor away  :)

I had a hot brownie with ice cream and caramel sauce together with a blueberry cream shake.

Total amount of  both: 18 Euro. But I would do it again and again . 
Tooooo delicious!!!
Hot brownie with ice

Ever paid 18 Euro for two desserts?

In the afternoon, Mo had a shoot with Elle Frostegard and I joined it!

Mo and Elle

Day 9

It was the day of my departure! 

I couldn't leave without having some garlic burgers at garlic and shots restaurant in Stockholm.
Together with Elegy we all ate as much garlic as possible. Rawr :)

I swear the burger was as large as my head :)

I got two bookings in Götheborg so we had to head off :( 
Will miss Stockholm!!

Day 9&10

I had so much fun working with some native photographers there!
So I am very very happy how this trip turned out!

Special thanks to lovely Cat Königsson for the nice time we spend with her!

... to be continued... :)

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