Ophelia in Sweden Part 2

Day 3
My third day in Sweden was well planned! I had another shoot with photographer Marcus Gun in Uppsala.
I would love to show some results from the shoot but there is not a single one retouched yet.

Shoot for Viola Lahger  :)

We did three sets in his studio.
The first one for designer Viola Lahger, an amazing corset designer from Stockholm.
The second set for Royal Black, an upcoming label from Austria that manufactures corsets and costumes at highest quality in Austria. The third one for my sponsor Westward Bound, a label that manufactures luxurious latex fashion in the UK.

Shoot for Westward Bound
The red looks a bit silly in this one, but the lightening was stunning!

Day 4

Abandoned rocky beach
On the fourth day I drove with photographer Moritz Maibaum to the greatest nature reserve next to Stockholm.
Its an amazingly large area in the back of beyond.

Here is a picture of an area where we stopped by and took some pictures with clothing by Elle Frostegard
... Relaxing afterwards on this abandoned rocky beach in the sun was pure luxury!

For my job afterwards with a native photographer I had a shoot with some latex in beautiful parc near the city centre :)
*hehe* It's thrilling to shoot latex in public ;)

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