Ophelia in Sweden Part 1

Hello guys ;)

I try to make it short because there are sooo many nice things to do here in Sweden <3
Let me give you a short impression of my first two days in Stockholm!

Day 1

Shooting with photographer Marcus Gunnarson and Model Elegy Ellem.

First set for my own shop "Miss Overdose"
I met Elegy at several fetish events before so I was pretty delighted about the shoot with such a sweet girl and
Marcus is one of the most talented alternative&fetish photographers in Sweden.

Therefore I was pretty sure that the planned photosets for Lady Lucie Latex (UK) and my own shop called Miss Overdose would be a great success.

Beautiful Elegy right before the shoot.

Big LOVE <3
Second shooting set for Lady Lucie Latex (UK)

Day 2

Breakfast at noon

My second day has felt like vacation.
The sun was shining all day long. I am so happy that I didn't forget to put the suncream in my bags, while packing my suitcases in rainy Germany ^.^

Sweden has such amazing places in the nature to relax and have fun.
Have a look at the picture - Paradise and heaven opened its doors for me ;)


Highway to HEAVEN :)

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