Ophelia in Paris (Day 3+4)

... here are some impressions from my third and fourth day in Paris :)


My Sunday started rather relaxed. We had a nice breakfast in the morning after having a good night's rest :)
This day was claimed to be the hottest day of the year, so I packed my bags with a big bottle of sunblocker and my victorian parasol.

The beautiful rose garden
We drove to a historical rose garden outside of Paris. 

On the way to the location I had the first accident in my life when the car of a French friend of mine crashed frontally into another one. Holy crap. I was totally shocked.

We drove not very fast, because it was downtown Paris were the streets are very small.

Beside the shock nothing happened to us all!

When I arrived at the location I met photographer Nims, the designer Jessica and the make-up artist Christophe right in front of this beautiful garden.
After I got my make-up, Jessica dressed me up with a huge baroque dress.
I've never worn such a heavy dress on a hot day like that ( 38°C/ 100°F ).
Therefore I enjoyed my ice cream after the shoot even more :)

The team :)

Silly pictures in Ben's cabriolet in the night ^.^

After the shoot I met Saba, Ben, Mo and Stephane for a BBQ dinner in the night :)
At the BBQ, I was tempted to eat raw salad, cucumbers and tomatoes.

I haven't ate things like that for two month now, since the EHEC virus (escherichia coli) became a leading deadly disease in Germany, but the salad was TOO delicious *yumm yumm*

My French mates explained me that this virus got detected in meat a few days ago.
 *haha* I think it's time to live of air and love only ;)


The monday was even hotter than the day before. Ouff...
Too bad that we had a tight time schedule for that day. The hottest temperature on Monday was 40°C/104°F in the shade...

We started quiet early with a shoot for the French designer Délices et Gourmandises.

First result of the shoot
During the shoot with a funny guy who
 just jumped in front of the camera ;)

The plan was to shoot four different sets on that day 
for Délices et Gourmandises and HMS Latex, but unfortunately we had to stop after the third set because it was damn hot outside and the whole team was completely exhausted.

Time to sleep!

Good bye France *wave*

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