GERMAN FETISH BALL - Solo performance and runway show

I am very sorry about this belated blog entry about the German Fetish Ball, that took place on 1st-5th, July in Hamburg.

My personal fetish weekend started on thursday right after my shoot with photographer Timo Frank
We worked on a special project in an empty white chemistry hall, where I staged different characters.
Alright already, pictures will tell more than words. I will post them as soon as possible ;)

Shooting in the empty chemistry hall

I love this picture a lot although it is just a
making of picture by Moritz ;)


Together with my friends Oli and Moritz, I went to the Fetish Dinner on Friday, 2nd July to 
have my solo performance act called "Kinky Candy" between the courses.
I was pretty delighted to meet Elegy Ellem and her boyfriend Oliver Spiers, Ruby True and Tony Mitchell among the companies!

Right after the main course I started with my solo show.
*Squeee* Glitter and feathers were nearly EVERYWHERE... thank god that all the people finished their meal already ^^
It was quiet difficult to perform in this restaurant because my show is dimensioned for a stage not for a small corridor in a restaurant. *hehe* But this color injection was a great success anyway ;)

Rehearsal for
Inner Sanctum and
Blacklickorish Latex

We had a lot of fun during the rehearsals.
It was a sizzling day, but I felt soooo good in my new latex outfit by Westward bound.
I can highly recommend you buying this <3


Show: Blacklickorish Latex

Show: Inner Sanctum

... and it was pretty amazing to showcase my solo performance on the big catwalk stage ;)
Good for limelight hogs like me ;p

Kinky Candy solo performance


This is me during a shoot of
photographer Moritz Maibaum
and Model Onna Sakura

Hell yeah, it was sooo hot outside that it was best to chill in my summer dress ;)

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