Making of: Couture Dress

I started with making lots n lots of ruffles.
Used about 7 meters of fabric for it.

Sewing the fabric onto the skirt piece

I am a very visual person, which means I always
need to see if something works out or not.
Took this picture because I wanted to check whether to
sew the skirt piece closer to the waistline or closer to the hips.

Added some more embroideries to the neckline

Hours n hours, days n days later the skirt piece
was finally finished.
This dress is VERY VERY heavy as you can tell 
by the amount of fabric that I've used for the ruffles only ;)

A lil collage :)

The location of the shoot

On set in Scotland :)

From my shoot with Somnolent Images in Scotland :)


'Metalicious' Harnesses

Thanks to photographer Jake Hicks and model Ryo Love

I've been working on a few red harnesses for my online shop.

For all those who are a lil concerned about the sizes.
Most harnesses that I made so far are XS-M but,
I can make harnesses in ANY size.
Just get in touch if you are interested in a harness in your size.

Almost all of them are only available once.
Once it's gone, it's gone!


I've also got a few more of the Lace'n'Love Collection online


Shoot for Belsira

I got to model for the retro brand BELSIRA just recently.
When I uploaded some selfies on Facebook so many people wanted to know when the collection is going to be available.

Well... its out NOW :)

These are some of the designs.
Please visit their website to see them all :)


... and finally some outtakes ;)

Wohooo! Finally done,
after two full days of work :)

The CEO/designer, the stylist
and the model :)

The photographer and the model :D

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