Editorial for AVIATRIX

I personally love to take a glimpse behind the scenes of shoots, movie productions
and other creative happenings.
For that reason I'd like to share some behind-the-scenes of this fashion shoot with you.
Captured by Felix Rachor,
Couture by Aviatrix.

YAY! The outfits have arrived.
I just needed to take a picture of them right away.
They are just too pretty to be real!

After the make up was done, I realized that a very important
part is still missing. 
I collect insects for quite a while now and I always
wanted to use them for a shoot :)

I bought all the Malaysian Moths during my Canada tour last
year. Some of the other pretty butterflies 
were a birthday presentfrom my best friend. 

I just love how my friends support my inner weirdo ;)

The first set design that the photographer has built.

Second set :) 

My looks for the shoot.
It's been amazing to see how this make up changed my face.
I usually grin like a Cheshire cat all day long, therefore
it's been quite funny to see how my face changed with that
'sad clown' make up.

Just a selfie of my and my moths :)

Me while dancing through the entire studio.

Me, Felix & the Moths



Harness collection: 50 shades of red

I've been working on a few red harnesses for my online shop.

For all those who are a lil concerned about the sizes.
Most harnesses that I made so far are XS-M but,
I can make harnesses in ANY size.
Just get in touch if you are interested in a harness in your size.

Almost all of them are only available once.
Once it's gone, it's gone!


71 EBAY auctions online: Wigs, Costumes, Corsets, Harnesses

My private costume closet bursts at its seams.
That's why I have to depart from quite a few things.

I do ship worldwide and it's 6-15 € to every country depending on the size and weight of the parcel.
Combined shipping as well to save shipping costs!
(including Australia, USA, UK, Austria and so on)

Innerhalb von Deutschland als versichertes Paket zu 5€, egal wieviel drin ist :)

  • Most things are size XS
  • Some things are size S
  • A few pieces are one size fits all :)
  • Shoes are EU 38, UK 5, US 7,5


Let me show u some of the things that I put up for sale.


Shoes and Wig

Grey wig and red/white wig

Platinum wig and orange wig

Body harness and corset

Full costume and black wig

Blue wig

Leather corset and platinum wig


Leather shoes and handbag

Ballet heels

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