Edmonton: Paper couture shooting

Next to my performances at Edmonton Tattoo Convention 
the shoot with photographer Donna Lynn was my highlight! 
The adorable and super talented Elizabeth Bernardin took care of my make-up.
Designer Michelle Menard was part of the team as well. 
She is well known for making insanely pretty dresses out of paper. 

Too amazing to be true!

Getting my make up done by someone else is super relaxing :)

Me and Elizabeth.
It was super nice to chat with her about make-up products
and such. Pure girl talk ;)

Yeah. 3..2..1 
Let's rock it! :D

It drizzled during the shoot as you can tell.
A German idiom: 'I don't mind the rain, I am not made from sugar' :)
… but the dress didn't like the rain at all^^ RIP!

Pretty, pretty Edmonton. After the shoot.


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Outfit: 4 piece set

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2 piece set: Bra and leggings

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Vancouver: Shooting for MIROIR magazine

Let me show u a few behind the scenes of my shooting for MIROIR magazine two month back in Vancouver :) 
Thanks to the whole team involved.
It was a magical day!

Photography by Nina Pak
Make-up by Jennifer Little
Wardrobe by April Peters of The House Boutique Gallery
Models were Visha Look, Evilyn Thirteen and me
Thanks to Aprils husband for the great catering, especially for the marinated tofu strips <3

The lovely Evilyn Thirteen organized the whole shoot herself. Thanks a million my dear!
Without you this would not have been possible! 

Relax! :)

The lovely Jennifer Little treats me nice with her ultra soft 
brushes. Stroke by stroke :D

The whole team!! 
Go to Canada. This is where the most lovely
people on this planet life. Seriously!

April Peters costume closet is to die for.
It's every girls dream!!


Look at this awesome catering.
Vegan treats for everyone :D

All dolled up :)

Illuminated :)

First look

Second look

Third look

Family portrait



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